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The Product

SAPE directs drivers to available parking spaces and provides a mobile platform to help parking owners manage parking & maximize revenue.


It's Easy To Use


The User Directory will keep you connected with the entire app. at all times. Switching between being a driver or a parking host is easy as a simple touch of a button.



Learning How To Use SAPE

With SAPE's tutorial any user can learn how to use SAPE in just a few minutes.

Search, Review, Reserve

3 Steps Make A Big Difference

Don't miss those special moments and be in control of your parking. With just three simple steps Search, Review, & Reserve your parking before leaving the house. It doesn't get any easier than this.


Complete Alert System

Avoid Parking Violations

Information is key and we want to share it with you. Receive real time notifications indicating street rules and regulations anytime you park or stop at any street parking.

Become A Parking Host

"The Airbnb For Parking"

Earn on empty space while you are at work, on break, or just not using the space.


Our Story

A few years ago, the founder started his journey to build the next big thing for parking. He was annoyed by paying expensive parking tickets for mistakes many of us have very little control over. SAPE is the answer to all drivers pain points when it comes to finding parking and parking violations. SAPE "The Airbnb For Parking" connects drivers with new parking and homeowners an opportunity to rent out unused parking spaces. The feature-rich mobile app also provides all drivers with a bang for their download called “Curb Alerts.” For the first time, drivers can eliminate the fear of receiving a parking violation for breaking street parking rules. SAPE sends notifications to drivers for parking at a street parking location. With these notifications, SAPE users can avoid expensive parking tickets.


This image represents the horror every driver experiences when he or she stops at a street parking location. With multiple street signs on the same pole, drivers try their best to understand whether it is ok to park or not. For the founder of SAPE, this is the street sign and location, which started his journey to create SAPE.


"We create not only because we have studied the topic at school, but also in many cases, it's because of our own experiences in life."


       - Sikandar Bangash

Sikandar Bangash

Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

As the Founder and CEO of SAPE, Sikandar Bangash is responsible for the overall vision and strategic direction for the company. Sikandar is an energetic scientist with a passion to solve hard problems. Sikandar has participated in numerous events with San Diego Smart Cities and has received outstanding remarks from a diverse panel of judges at the SD Smart City Hackathon in 2016. 

Entrepreneur minded and a technically adept individual. From being published as a first author in two honorary journals for scientific research to solving real world problems our communities face everyday. Sikandar has proven to us that nothing is impossible to achieve with a right mindset.

While creating the next revolutionary mobile parking application SAPE, Sikandar has continued his Undergraduate education as a Bioinformatics Major at University California San Diego. 

Zach Meyers

Chief Technology Officer 

Zach Meyer is the Chief Technology Officer of SAPE where he is responsible for setting the technical vision of the company.

Zach spent a number of years building sophisticated healthcare products before joining his friend on an epic journey of solving one of the most biggest parking problems our community has been facing for a very long time.

Zach received a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of California San Diego focusing his research towards Predicting Disease Based on Clinical Documentation. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing: How competitive is SAPE parking prices?

What type of space am I able to rent-out as a parking host?

I’ve seen other apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

SAPE believes in solving problems. Creating a feature rich app., which helps users earn a passive income on empty space; reserve parking before leaving the house; & avoid parking violations is key towards introducing the next revolutionary parking app.

SAPE is a mobile parking platform. Average parking cost estimates to $11 / hr.

A parking host can rent-out any type of space on his or her property as long as it has a proper entrance and exit point for cars. However, we want to encourage homeowners to start off with Driveways & Garages.

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